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Reviews of “Will and Able”

– Finally A Band Worth Listening to! Finally a song worth listening to!

Catchy, well produced, rockin.Lot of potential.Nice vocals.

A breath of fresh air from the cesspit that is the review

-Eamon – Limerick, Co Limerick, Ireland…*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVi77x3DIaA8mY08ELjvcw$$

-Awesome Song-frank55 – Rice Lake, Wisconsin*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVi96xnHKKs8mY08ELjvcw$$

-Good Beat, Good drummer. I noticed the harmonies.

It’s a get-you-going kind of song.-svetlanamonsoon – New York*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVi77x3DLaI8mY08ELjvcA$$

-great band,I loved it!!!!
-HexenNarcosis – Falmouth, Maine*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVi77xPAKaM8mY08ELjvcw$$

-Great Job!Good song. It’s really good. Keep up the good work

jaredsfriend – Little Rock, Arkansas*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVi77x3DL6U8mY08ELjvcA$$

-instrumentally excellent, Good riff on the guitar and*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVi77x3DL6Y8mY08ELjvcA$$

-The band drives the song well- this would be interesting live.

The instrumental break was very well done.

Poobah – St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVi77xPHKaE8mY08ELjvcw$$


-Reviews of “Brads Song” –

verry cool….this song is simpley too cool;I really like it; it’s hard and I like that.

lain2040 – Anjou, Quebec, Canada*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVi45RnHLKQ8mY08ELjvcw$$

I think we have a winner.

This song is damn good. The guitars are a definate staemeant like they
should be. The vocals are good, which is a good complimeant for the music on this site.

– Extra Credit: Mood – hirtt – Lake Bronson, Minnesota*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVi45RjNL6Y8mY08ELjvcw$$

-Let’s Talk Rock! Very modern ‘rock.’ j7r2s – Lincoln Park, Michigan*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVi45RnMLaQ8mY08ELjvcw$$

-Heavy! great heavy sound…I LIKE IT! titaldave – Virgie, Kentucky*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVi45RjGLqY8mY08ELjvcA$$


Reviews of “Out of Place”

-Good vibe. The song flows well. Good melodies. Great job.

ShineDog – Knoxville, Tennessee*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVi77xvGK6I8mY08ELjvcA$$

-Great!Loved it. Want more. I liked the fast pace, and good mood.

keving – Philly, Pennsylvania*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVi77xvCL6E8mY08ELjvcw$$

-good rocker, I like it! Good harmony work. good production.

roadstrut – Wichita, Kansas*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVi77xvGKKU8mY08ELjvcA$$


Reviews of “Two Faced Falling”

-You’re on to something here, Kick ass guitar work.

In fact, the more I hear of this track the better I like it.

I had to actually go back and change some of my marks to a more favorable rating.

There are songs that make you buy a CD and songs that make you keep it in your changer.

This is one of the latter. I couldn’t be compelled to buy your CD by listening to it,

but after I had heard it a few times I’d

probably have it in the car for several months. I don’t know how a song

makes the leap from one kind to the other (I suspect none of us do or we

wouldn’t be hanging around a site for unsigned artists), but I’d bash this song

around a bit more if I were you. You’re definatley on to something.

axe2grind – La Grande, Oregon*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVix6RjEKKQ8mY08ELjvcA$$

-great.Very nice rhythm work in this tune and the vocals were

very hot. GReat melody, great sound. I think you sound

like Foo Fighters a bit. Solid Rock with a big Pop side. No complaints..

kansj-Brooklyn, New*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVix6RvNIKs8mY08ELjvcA$$

-Kewl Song!!! very original…liked the production also.

Its going on my play list.-TX_banshee – Marion, Texas*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVix6RvHL6s8mY08ELjvcw$$



-fisher_grene – Rustopolis, Louisiana –*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVix6RjGKaE8mY08ELjvcw$$

Great, great song

agonia-Haifa, Israel*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVix6RjMIas8mY08ELjvcw$$

its going on my play list :

well cool sounding band,like it a lot im well pist off now,

coz i cant hear it right well you know what its like,but yes

guys well played song and a must to listen again

nash00 Bournemouth, Dorset, UK –*wypk_-ZfeUiwkVix6RnGIaM8mY08ELjvcw$$


Herman’s Hideaway 8/13/98

Hanging Thomas played the last set of the evening. This hot
new 3-piece combines the basic drums, bass, and guitar to lay
down some pretty hot music. They were very solid, very tight,
and they kicked ass! Their style was pretty hard, compared to
the previous acts of the night, but they were right on the money.
Check them out any time you can.

-David Barber, WebMaster- Herman’s Hideaway – Denver,CO

and President ofCOMA


Hanging Thomas 2012